Background Karoline has one child, Lawrence, aged ten, who currently lives with his father, Kevin. Kevin and Karoline separated following the birth of Lawrence, and Lawrence initially lived with his mother, but went on to live with his father and hasn’t seen his Mum since 2015. Karoline has [...]



Background We were first introduced to Bethany at a prison clinic in July 2021. Bethany has four children. Her youngest, Megan, is a minor and lives with her paternal grandmother, Susan. Megan lived with her mother until she was three years old when her grandmother was awarded a [...]



Background We were introduced to Nikita two weeks before her release in August 2021. Hannah lives with her father, Jason, and she has not had any contact with her mother since 2016. Whilst in prison, Nikita was diagnosed with autism, and she participated in a support plan to [...]

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