(Case Study)



GBH with Intent


8 Years


Lawrence, aged 10


Karoline hadn’t seen her son Lawrence for six years and wanted her mother (Lawrence’s grandmother) to renew her contact with Lawrence.


Karoline has one child, Lawrence, aged ten, who currently lives with his father, Kevin. Kevin and Karoline separated following the birth of Lawrence, and Lawrence initially lived with his mother, but went on to live with his father and hasn’t seen his Mum since 2015. Karoline has been involved in abusive relationships since a young age and was in a violent relationship with the victim of her crime.

Karoline’s mother, Amanda, (his grandmother) has been a consistent and stable person in Lawrence’s life and they have a strong relationship. However, in 2019 contact between Lawrence and his grandmother was stopped by Kevin because Amanda was talking to him about his mum which Kevin didn’t like. He didn’t want to encourage conversations or any contact between Lawrence and his mum but this left Lawrence feeling confused and hurt.

Amanda made a ‘Child Arrangements Order’ Application which we helped with, and contact has been reinstated. Karoline supported her mother’s application and wanted to apply for contact for herself.


In July 2020, we helped Karoline make an application to receive updates and send letters to Lawrence. A directions hearing took place in August 2021, with the judge ordering reports from the prison and probation officers. Both reports provided positive feedback stating that Karoline is an enhanced prisoner, outlining her positive behaviour and willingness to help others. During the proceedings, we worked with Kevin, Karoline, and Amanda to try and make agreements outside of the court.

Karoline was released in February 2022 and went to a halfway house. She hopes to soon move into her own home. Karoline is now allowed to send Lawrence one letter per month and sent her first letter in April. Once letterbox contact has been in place for a while, we will make another application to progress contact further.

The Outcome

Amanda’s final hearing occurred just before Christmas with a very positive outcome. Lawrence will now see his grandmother regularly and receive letters from his mother at least once a month. Storyboard work has been undertaken with Lawrence in a child friendly way to explain where Karoline has been and the dynamics of the family.