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If you need to get in touch with Not Beyond Redemption, please contact us by phone, or email.

Someone in the team will be available to talk to you and let you know what the next steps will be to support you.

We are all professionals, but we are all very approachable and will treat your enquiry in the strictest confidence.

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We also work closely with the following organisations to provide the best possible advice and support.

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The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact)

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The Prisoners’ Advice Service (PAS)

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Eventually I decided to take it back to court, because I’m a mother and want to see my daughter and be a part of her life. This is stressful sometimes and disheartening but you didn’t give up on me which gives me hope.

Mother serving 18 months
[Child age: 7 months]

I am so impressed with Not Beyond Redemption and I think it is amazing that a charity is picking up those that fall through the gap of not being able to obtain legal aid.

Legal advisor on a recent pro bono hearing.

I knew from the first meeting with you that you were going to fight hard for me. You were so passionate about what I should be getting custody wise. Then I met the others from the team and I did think they won’t be the same – sorry 🙂 But they all were!

Mother serving 24 months
[Child age: 36 months]

There are too many women in jail that have little to no contact with their children and we struggle to have someone fighting in our corner.

Mother serving 12 months
[Child age: 5 months]