Look Beyond.

Our vision is to help those in need, to ‘Look Beyond’ the crimes, the sentences, the legal processes and look to the future for the parents, the children, their families and their future together.

Help us

Our long-term aim is to have a clinic in every women’s prison and every county.

We ask that you consider how you can help us reach our goal for the benefit of the whole of society.


All volunteers are welcome. If you have first hand experience, a story to tell and are willing to share your story with others, then we would love to hear from you. The sharing of experiences is a powerful way to show that there is hope, that there is help and support for those in need. We would also love to hear from anyone with expertise that could help us with the any of the following;

  • legal counsel
  • support work
  • counselling
  • administration
Mother and daughter in rain

Thank you

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