We are thrilled to announce that Not Beyond Redemption and Duncan Lewis Solicitors won the Family Law Community Interaction Award at the LexisNexis Family Awards last Monday evening. Thank you so much to Duncan Lewis for the support that they provide us, we are so grateful for the partnership.

Grant Howell, a specialist family lawyer who is recognised as a leading individual in the legal directories, said this before he presented us with the award, “The winner of this award does vital work with women who, as mothers and single parents, are over-represented in the prison population for minor offences. They also work with other women in the family who are, too often, left with traumatised children to bring up during their mother’s incarceration. This is vital work for women who have limited access to legal advice and when the fallout from prison is borne by the ‘innocents’ in the family. This service provided by the winner of this award is a heroic act toward redressing this imbalance.”

Congratulations to all the evening’s nominees and winners and we would like to thank LexisNexis for such a brilliant evening!