We are delighted to announce that we have been granted funding from Simplyhealth!

Simplyhealth offers funding for charities who have a positive impact on the health of their beneficiaries. They awarded NBR funding because the support we give our women to rebuild their relationships with their children has a direct impact on their health. By ensuring the women maintain access to their children whilst in prison, we help reduce the risk of poor mental health and developing a chronic physical illness, meaning the women can lead more fulfilling and healthy lives. Our service not only helps the mothers in prison, but also helps their children. Children with an absent parent are, in the long and short-term, far more likely to commit crimes, get into unstable relationships, lack future career opportunities, and suffer from mental health ailments. We believe that by championing the best interests of the children and making sure that contact is upheld it will reduce the uncertainty that children feel, which in turn will reduce the mental health problems faced by both the mother and the child.

We are excited to see how we can progress with the help of Simplyhealth and are looking forward to expanding into more prisons this year, helping dozens more mothers in prison access their children.